Monday, 11 June 2018

Aliens on earth

On a cold dark day there was this boy named Bill he was in his bed thinking about aliens then he heard a loud strange sound he looked out the window and saw a UFO. He wore his slippers and went to see if there were any survivors than ''Ahhh''!!! he yelled he saw real aliens. There were two of them he was going to go tell his mum then the aliens threw a rope around Bill and pulled him into the UFO. they told him ''You can't tell anyone.''

The told him ''They were stuck on this planet and they need to get back home. They went to the junk yard and got old car parts.

After that they came back to the UFO
and the aliens started to fix their broken ship. They started the engine and it started flying they said '' Thank you Bill'' and they flew to space. Than Bill went back upstairs and took along nap.                            

Monday, 28 May 2018

The Storm

One day I went to school, it was raining so my dad dropped  me off to school.

When I got to school I walked in the class room and we were doing a maths test. When we were doing the test I sharped up my pencil. When we were half way though the test it was really hard. Half of the questions I didn't even know. So we finished the test and the bell rang for lunch. 

After school I looked out the window and saw the storm coming , I was really scared.  The storm got faster and faster, when I got to the Point England  beach. Then the storm suddenly stopped. I found a map and I looked at it. I saw me I was in a circle I said "The storm didn't get me because I was in the circle."
I ran back home. 

Finally I got back home and I saw an  elevator and I said "That was never there before." I went in the elevator and I clicked on the max button
and it took me to the top and I saw this orb creating all this deadly storm. 

I jumped and grabbed the orb.
I went down the elevator back to my house and I filled the tub with hot water and and I dropped the orb the it got exploded.
Then the storm got smaller and smaller and POOF!!! "THE STORM IS GONE" I shouted.

Then I looked back and the elevator was gone Then I went to watch the news and it said " local boy named Nurul save our hole country thanks to him we will live to see another day."

Friday, 18 May 2018

The Rescue

Karetaki went under the sea to look for her Pinia. He saw Pania trapped in a cage. Pinia  saw him coming she told him not come.Then the guards saw him and trapped him to. When the guards weren't looking broke out of the cage.

Then he broke Pinia out of the cage as well. Then the swam to the surface until the king saw them and rushed over to them the quickly ran into their house and lock the door Pinia said "They will never stop coming for us" so she had to sacrifice her self to the king.

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Kiwi Sport-Hip Hop

We went to the multipurpose room than Jess taught us how to dance. After we came back to our class rooms. 
Here's the video.