Wednesday, 11 April 2018

ANZAC adverb poem

Bravely soldiers fought in war
Bravely for family and more

Bravely soldiers sacrificing lives 
Bravely shot gun bullets like fireflies

Bravely soldiers took flight 
Bravely to Gallipoli for the fight    

Wednesday, 4 April 2018

A giant mouse

One day there was a mouse a very very little mouse. people were always trying to catch it but finally the mouse got tired it. The mouse said"I wish I was bigger than every humans in the world" The next day  he got a lot huge. He started beating up the humans and started eating them. He ate all the humans in the world. But as soon as he ate a baby human it started shaking and he...Exploded. The mouse quickly woke up the mouse said " Turns out it was a dream".      


This story is about watercress 

The character in this story
 are Piripi the dad the mum and Scabbie and the moari people.

The setting is his house Pukenui hill and the river.

The watercress can be found in shops and Pukenui.


Wednesday, 28 March 2018


Cats are cute and cuddly but some cats are dangerous.Cats are most popular pets in New Zealand.We have nearly 1.5 million  of them. Cats has been around for thousands of years ago. Cats are predators and preys. The cats preys are fish mice and birds. The cats predators are dogs.

How to get to your destination

Go to your starting position 

Step 1. Take 10 steps forward.

Step 2. Turn left.

Step 3. Take 17 steps forward.

Step 4.Turn right

Step 5. Take 45 steps forward. 

You have reached your destination.

I learnt that maps have simple instructions.   

How to get to my favourite place

Step 1. Go left and go straight to the bus stop

Step 2. Go Left Go straight and turn right go across the road.

Step 3. Then you will be in Tobruk Rd go straight and turn left

Step 4. Go straight and keep on going straight until you get to the end Turn right and your at Point England beach.

Monday, 26 March 2018

Iron Tamariki

This book I am going to talk about is Iron Tamariki. There was this boy named Mana. His dad Wanted him to be fit enough for the IronMoari Tamariki event. He ran around the park. He got tired.
The next day his mum picked him up from the swimming pool. Mana can swim up to 3 kilometres. The group he was in was the Orca group. It is finally time for the race. He went so fast and... He came first.

His dad was very very proud of him.