Thursday, 22 March 2018

Describing a planet

The planet is shaped like a sphere it's blue and green. The planet's is  large.It looks like a huge ball in space.It's a globe.It's squishy and smooth like a pillow.The planet has country and island. The planet has water and trees.

Arguments against zoos

We should not have zoos because they are going to be board and they will miss there family and home.They should be free and live there life not to be traped in a cage. Some people might scare the animals.The humans can be a little judgy.

How to draw potrait of yourself

How to draw a potrait of yourself. First draw an oval Make some marks going down in half of an  oval.
Make another 2 marks going across the oval.

Next put your eyes on top of the mark. Put your eye balls in your eyes. Put your lips on the other mark.

Then draw your ears. Rub out the marks.

Finally draw your hair and carefully shaded so it will look nice.

Friday, 16 March 2018

K:W Commonwealth Games

K: Commonwealth Games happen in Australia Gold Coast it's a sport. The country who are going against England is Australia and New Zealand.

W: I want to Know what sports do they play.

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

About Me

Hi I am Nurul and I am going to do a writing about myself. My favourite food is pizza and burgers. I am 10 years old my birthday is on March the 31 I was born in Malaysia Kuala lumpur. I like reading  and writing and playing. I also like art sports and helping my brother with his chores because I only do a little and because that's my chore aswell.

Monday, 12 March 2018

Monsters are they bad or good

One day there was a boy named Sam.He watched a lot of horror movies but one night he bought this magical horror movie. His friend Fred said''I heard that this movie is totally scary that the monsters inside the movie comes out in real life''. '' Ha ha ha'' Sam laugh there is no such things  that monster really excised.

After the movie when Sam friend Fred went home there were one eye looking at him he got scared and his teeth was raiser sharp his claws are like spike made of hard steel he was so scared that he fainted.

Sam friend Fred came back to his house because he left his phone at his house and he saw the monster and Sam on the ground.The monster raised out his hand and...he said do you want to be my friend Fred said ''yes''.They were the best of friends.They lived happily ever after.Good thing that Sam thought it was a dream otherwise he will call 111 and take Fred monster away to do dangerous experiment.

How To Make Raw Fish

1.cut the fish into pieses

2.put lemon or lime on top of the fish.

3. 1 teaspoon of salt 


5. 3 large tomatoes

6.1 can of coconut cream and