Friday, 18 May 2018

The Rescue

Karetaki went under the sea to look for her. He saw Pania trapped in a cage. Pinia  saw him coming she told him not come.Then the guards saw him and trapped him to. When the guards weren't looking broke out of the cage.

Then he broke Pinia out of the cage as well. Then the swam to the surface until the king saw them and rushed over to them the quickly ran into their house and lock the door Pinia said "They will never stop coming for us" so she had to sacrifice her self to the king.

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Kiwi Sport-Hip Hop

We went to the multipurpose room than Jess taught us how to dance. After we came back to our class rooms. Here's the video. 

Road Safety

Road Safety
This video is about how to stay safe from any vehicle like trucks cars and motorbikes and other land vehicle. 

The Game

One day it was my big day because it was my brothers birthday my dad bought him a game it's called Robot destroyer 2. He was so exited he just put the game into the console and.....WHOOSH!!!! a giant portal just sucked him in.

Then I saw the portal with my brother in the game world so I quickly jumped into the portal then I got sucked in too.
My brother said "Every thing looks so pixaly" Then robot started to come Then we saw some guns behind the bush we've got the guns and we started destroying the robots.

We kept on destroying them until were level 30 then we had to beat up the biggest and baddest robot of all the Terminater!!!
We had to use the rocket launcher on the Terminater and the Terminater exploded.

The we saw the portal back home it was inside the Terminater stomach. We both jumped in at the same time and....We both got home and our parents didn't even realise we were gone.

Friday, 11 May 2018


Monday 7th of may we went to room 11 because some of the ToiToi  people are coming. They brought a lot of ToiToi books.
We got into groups and read a lot of stories we read cats and abandon house and more.

My favourite poem was Phoenix because it was short and simple and the picture just look colourful and beautiful.
We read some ToiToi books because we wanted to read Konzay
 story called My Friend Dominic and other stories.

Then we read Cats it was telling you how cats behave.
Then we read Overlooked World. In my group there were only 4 people in room 10 that is Frank Shinqua Kotipi and I.

At the end we all gathered up and we sang them a song called
This is me and then Alamoni and he said thank you then we went back into our rooms.


Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Facts about Dinosaurs

These huge animals ruled the world for more than 150 million years. 
Dinosaurs became extinct about 66 millions years ago.

The  dinosaurs got extinct when an asteroid crashed into earth.
Dinosaurs bones are called fossils.
The name of dinosaurs means terrible lizards.

Extinct means no longer living.
Fossils are the remains of plants or an animal preserved in rocks.
Reptiles is a type of animal that is cold blooded and has scales (such as snakes,lizards,turtles, and alligators. )                        

Monday, 7 May 2018

My Best Holiday

First week of the holidays on Friday I was getting prepared because we were going to the Easter show.
I took a shower and brush my teeth and got dressed. 

It was near Alexander Park at Green lane.
I went with my brother my sisters and my dad. I thought we were going to watch a movie but instead it was a carnival. When we drove there I saw a hospital and Alexander park and a car crash with 5 police cars and 2 ambulance.   

We went there because of the Easter show and because it was my birthday.
We played and ran around and went on rides. We went on a scary ride it wasn't even scary it was boring the ride stopped and it was only 30 seconds. That ride was a rip off. 

The rides was the best part of the trip.
We got some milkshake I got chocolate and my family got bananas and strawberry milkshake Then we ate some donuts. 

Finally we only got 5 more tickets they gave the tickets  to me because it was my birthday I went on the boat it shakes when you are around until you get so so dizzy.           

I felt happy and nervous.
I'm glad I went there.
It was the best birthday at New Zealand.